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What are the best Resistance Bands to buy?

 You need a few different types of resistance bands for the Stronger Method workouts. If you have not worked out with different resistance bands, it can be a little confusing on what type of bands you need and the difference between them. 

You need 3 different types of bands to get started:

  1. Mini Loop Bands
  2. Fabric Bands
  3. Long Tube Bands

1 Mini Loop Bands

The mini loop bands are the smaller latex bands that you probably think of for resistance bands. These bands are often sold as a package of bands, varying from light, medium, heavy, and x-heavy resistance.

2 Fabric Loop Bands

The fabric bands provide much more resistance than normal latex bands. They are wider bands made from cotton-based material. These bands are typically are sold as a package with light, medium, and heavy. 

3 Long Tube Bands

The long tube bands are typically sold as a set with each band corresponding to a weight from 10 lb to 50 lb. These bands have a D-ring that hooks onto handles. In addition, the bands typically include a door anchor that allows you to loop the bands through and secure it at the top of a door to perform different exercises.

How much weight is a resistance band?

You do not know the exact weight that you are using with resistance bands. Resistance bands are not fixed weight like dumbbells. Although the bands might include the pounds that the resistance band provides, it does not equate to a specific weight like a dumbbell. 

Why? The amount of “weight” of your resistance bands is variable throughout the movement as the band stretches and recoils. 

Rather than be concerned about how much “weight” you are using with a resistance band, you can focus on if the resistance feels challenging throughout the exercise. What matters is if you feel fatigued at the end of a set so you know you are challenging your muscles.

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